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spare time

my opinions about everything

21 March 1984
I am me. I like way too many things. I collect too much. I can spend endless hours reading and watching tv or movies. I love the sun.
1001 books, 50 book challenge, 80s music, alexander skarsgard, american film institute, angelina jolie, anna paquin, ariel, babies, black eyed peas, blogging, boise, books, brenda/fritz, brothers & sisters, burn notice, california sunsets, charlaine harris, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, coeur d'alene, coffee, colin firth, comfy beds, concerts, coyote ugly, creativity, crybaby, daniel craig, dashboard confessional, def leppard, dexter, dirt, disneyland, down comforters, drinking wine, entourage, er, evanescence, evangeline lilly, facebook, family, fanfiction, fergie, fiction, film, friends, general hospital, general hosptial, george clooney, grey's anatomy, heath ledger, ice cream, idaho, in plain sight, indiana jones, iron man, jack sparrow, james patterson, jennie garth, johnny depp, julia roberts, keith urban, kevin bacon, kiss kiss bang bang, kt tunstall, kyra sedgwick, lauren's, lindsay boxer, literature, lois and clark, lost, love actually, loverboy, lush, macintosh, macs, magazines, matthew mcconaughey, matthew perry, mcdreamy, mcsteamy, michael connelly, michelle pfeiffer, montana, movies, music, my best friend's wedding, netflix, nip/tuck, old movies, patrick dempsey, personal velocity, peter facinelli, photography, piper perabo, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, princesses, private practice, pumpkin pie, rascal flatts, reading, reese's, rob lowe, robert downey jr., samantha who, sandra brown, sandra bullock, sawyer/kate, screen captures, screencaps, sex and the city, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, singles, soft blankets, sookie/eric, starbucks, stephen king, stephen moyer, summer, sunrise, sunshine, tape trading, tattoos, tea, television, the bacon brothers, the beatles, the closer, the ocean, tivo, true blood, twitter, u2, vanessa marcil, vodka, waves, women's murder club, working out, writing,