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AFI's Top 100 Films (old and new)

Updated: October 20

I'm back on my movie marathon watching, to a certain extent. Last year my New Years Resolution was to watch all of American Film Institute's Top 100 Films. I failed only because I got so bored only watching these and nothing fun and exciting. This year, I will accomplish this goal with the help of Turner Classic Movies and Netflix.

here's what i have left ...Collapse )


Sep. 2nd, 2008

UPDATED: September 4 - watched Thirteen with Holly Hunter

Every once in awhile I find a new actor/actress and have this urge to watch every single thing they've been in. Last year, the big one was Michelle Pfeiffer. Always loved her, always will. But found I had not actually seen as many movies of hers as I thought I had. So I went on a mission and with the future release of Hairspray and Stardust I went about the task. In the end, I purchased almost everything I could find used off Amazon (I also like to own entire resumes of actors). The only remaining thing of hers that I have not viewed is her episodes on The Simpsons. Maybe eventually one day.

In this tradition, I have been monitoring other movies I rent, in hopes to complete other collections as follows:

What's Left?Collapse )

Who's next? Only time will tell.
good thing my couch is far back.

i've been watching a lot of television in addition to my traveling, which means i spend most of my time catching up before i can watch anything current.

a few weeks ago i picked up Saving Grace Season 1 on DVD through Netflix and wasn't sure how I was going to like it (i.e. violence, vulger, nudity, etc.) but sure enough i found another favorite show among the ranks. i don't think i could pick my favorite show that i couldn't live without anymore.

in the summer, my top three would now be:
  1. The Closer
  2. Saving Grace
  3. Burn Notice
when fall hits, and primetime starts up again, my top two are:
  1. Grey's Anatomy
  2. Lost
anything after that, would save me a lot of time in front of my television.

but i still love everything. i wonder how the new 90210 spinoff is going to be. hmmm

Heath Ledger Movies

In addition to the other complete resumes of actors I am working on, in January I started watching all of Heath Ledger's films.

All I have left are Blackrock, Roar, Two Hands, and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

General Hospital: Night Shift

I'm so excited!! Only a couple more weeks.

Jagger AND Brenda?!?

Life couldn't get any better on the General Hospital from for me, unless they decided to bring back some of the old famous and major characters (ie Lois for one) in addition to Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Jagger Cates.

In a recent interview with TV Guide Antonio talks about his new role in Night Shift and the possibility of a new love interest or reunion between former loves.

TVGuide.com: Are you bummed that Port Charles killed off Karen, that you don't get to revisit that romance?
Sabato Jr.:
It's a soap opera so you really never know, but.... I think there's a chance of bringing Brenda back, that Vanessa Marcil could come back. If she does, you've got something to play with right there!

Seriously, if they brought Vanessa Marcil back and they put her with Jagger instead of the same old story of Sonny or Jax or even Jason (who I do love), it would be the icing on the cake.

I absolutely loved Brenda and Jagger, and to have them as a couple in adulthood, would be that much sweeter.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Anyone else watching this on Showtime after Weeds? I have to say ... wow. Risky subject. Risky everything. It's pretty funny. Already has you guessing. Graphic. Crazy.

I want to read the book now too. I guess it's based on a memoir.

This is what I call good television.

Jagger Returns!!

I'm not the most die-hard General Hospital fan anymore, basically because my favorite character was Brenda and since she's left it just hasn't been the same.

However, I was more than thrilled and overjoyed and excited when I read on the TV Guide website that Night Shift has hired Antonio Sabato Jr. back to return as Jagger Cates for all 13 episodes, which start airing next month.

Of all the returns, this was very unexpected but it makes me more excited for this next season than ever before.

Maybe he'll switch back over to GH after his little summer stint. And I guess he's bringing along his 5 year old son. Who's the mother?

Here's one of the last times we ever saw Jagger ... if not that last:

slow ride

my wrist and pinky hurt a little bit.

i think i may have played a little bit too much guitar hero 3 last night.


The Age of Innocence

An amazing story of love and loss. Newland Archer is a brilliant attorney engaged to marry May when Ellen sweeps into their life after running away from her husband. Despite his various attempts to stay away from the outsider fresh from Europe, he can't help himself. What I love about The Age of Innocence is how most of the most passionate interaction doesn't even have words. The simple kiss on a hand or brush of fingertips between Newland and Ellen, or even how in the end May knew the whole time of the secret relationship and somehow her silent thoughts made their way to Newland and he stood by her side. Only classic literature can accomplish this task of saying so much without saying a single verbal word.